The Prawn Mee

Kaka Penang Prawn Mee

The Kaka Penang Prawn Mee has a combination of tastes including sour, spicy, sweet, hot, and prawny ! The things you get in your bowl are noodles, 2 prawns, kangkung sawi vegetable, bean sprout, fish cake, boiled egg and with/ without pork, all in the steaming hot prawn soup. Yummy ! The portion is good.

Prawn paste

The Making
The method of making the Kaka Penang prawn mee / noodles will be reserved to the knowledge of the owner, my uncle. However he told that the making process is labourous involving getting things ready at night for the business next day. Early at 3.30am, they have to get up to prepare the materials, heat up the soup and get ready for business which opens at 7am sharp.

Equipments at home to prepare the soup!